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Journey through space time continuum ethically and responsibly, achieve a higher plain of existence. Ascend!

What I Do

Retail collectable gold and silver coins. All of us live in a three dimensional world. Tangible gold and silver metals negate an enormous legal void. Owning these hard assets in any form is ultimate insurance. Facilitating option to explore and pursuit an expansive forth and eternal dimension. Paper contracts, bonds, and printed currencies are implemented due to deception. Distrust provokes disturbance of mind, body and soul. Purposeful focus is lost in the complex maze of the temporal corporate two dimensional world. The uber wealthy, sovereigns, and royalty understand this concept. They store rare metals and artifacts to ensure future of their posterity. What is in your future?


Who I Am

A former veteran and officer of the United States Navy and Merchant Marine. Currently a husband, father, friend and counsellor.


My Work

These coins have been collected over many years and brought in from various countries. Circulated and non circulated in unique conditions, different mint locations and historical. Common and rare coins are in existence ready for sale. Please specify type, year and condition via email. I will respond promptly with reasonable pricing. Different forms of payment are accepted BTC Bitcoin and Paypal - greg@foldtime.com. My mission is impeccable feedback from customers on Ebay.com, Mercadolibre.com and this site. 100% satisfaction guaranteed continues today.

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